Global War On Terrorism

The GWoT ended on Election Day 2008. We lost.

The international religious war on Islamo fascism

It’s It WAS A Real War

“If we continue to stay inert, they will become always more and more. They will demand always more and more, they will vex and boss us always more and more. ‘Til the point of subduing us. Therefore, dealing with them is impossible. Attempting a dialogue, unthinkable. Showing indulgence, suicidal. And he or she who believes the contrary is a fool.” . . . Oriana Fallaci

Oriana Fallaci:
“The Rage and The Pride”
A Sermon for the West

Then & Now
Iraq: What They Said

Open Borders
Congress & Illegal Aliens

Let’s Stop The Crescent of Betrayal!

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The Hijacked Flight 93 Memorial
Dishonoring the Heroes of Flight 93

A Blog Burst of Protest.
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