Illegal Alien Threat To The U.S.

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Threats to United States

11.7 percent of Mexico’s population lives in the U.S.
(12,500,000 out of 106,202,903)

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Jim Gilchrist is a fraud and his Minuteman Project a hoax. Gilchrist supports Mike Huckabee who is the worst GOP candidate on border security in the race for president. As Ark. gov. Huckster Huckabee assisted with the importation of illegals and used state funds to help them find jobs. He even traveled to Mexico and asked El Presidente, Vicente Fox, to open a consulate in Ark. to facilitate remittances and to help illegals with residency. As a candidate for president he says he’s a born again politician but he still wants in-state tuition for illegals!

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• Phyllis Schlafly: What Happened in Guadalajara [2009]

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Facts: the pernicious National Council of La Raza

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Aztec Al-Qaeda Video (7:47)

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The NAFTA Super Highway
It’s "NAFTA on Steriods"