Mom Removes Pants To Inspire Carolina Panthers (Updated)

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UPDATE: It didn’t work. Obviously pantless women do not inspire Panthers’ coaches.

Today at 8:15 pm Julie Maloney of Fort Mill, SC will remove her pants and not put them back on for the next 3-4 hours.

Here’s why:

Panthers fan Julie Maloney

Julie Maloney is a Fort Mill mom of two who blogs at Cool Mom Guide. She also runs a fantasy football league for moms, lost 60 pounds playing Wii fit and loves the Panthers, as you’ll see …

Julie Maloney:
It doesn’t matter if it’s Sunday, Monday or Saturday. If the Carolina Panthers are playing, I won’t be wearing pants.

Almost every loyal sports fan has one. There are those who have a special shirt they wear on game day. Some shower at a certain time before watching their team play. I even read about one sports fan whose team won whenever he watched “Desperate Housewives” the morning of the game.

Well I’m one of them. A super fan with a superstition. I’m not normally a superstitious person. I rescued animals for years so a black cat crossing my path is commonplace. I have no issues walking under ladders. However, when it comes to the Carolina Panthers, I can’t watch a game with pants on.

Yep. You read me right. No pants. We call it ‘No Pants Sunday’ but it applies whenever the Cardiac Cats play. This goes back YEARS. I first started following the Panthers in 2003. I loathed all things sports and in that one season, he turned me into a devoted fan.


… he turned me into a devoted fan?

Ah ha! So “no pants” is metaphoric.



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"Mom Removes Pants To Inspire Carolina Panthers (Updated)"
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2 Responses to “Mom Removes Pants To Inspire Carolina Panthers (Updated)”

  1. Julie@Cool Mom Guide Says:

    Thanks for the mention, it’s appreciated! Viva No Pants Sunday! GO PANTHERS!

  2. blog Says:


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