Sequestration & Obama’s Bovine Scatology

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Republicans should man-up and seize the moment; Let sequestration work. And while they’re at it, they should repeat (ad nauseam) that Obama’s layoff message is all one BIG lie.

Instead of a legitimate issue, he’s in deep campaign mode, traversing the nation to conquer and divide the public. His mission: to convince low-information voters that across-the-board reduction in spending plans will force him to fire pentagon workers, school teachers, fire fighters, police officers, air traffic controllers, TSA security screeners, doctors, nurses and every other essential public employee in the country.

Who knew $85 billion could pay so many people?

Why aren’t Republicans asking the obvious question: If $85 billion covers such a big part of the federal budget, what the hell is the other $3.5 TRILLION being spent on?

What’s even worse, we’re not discussing actual spending cuts. Certainly not what private citizens mean by “cuts.” If Republicans let sequestration happen it will ONLY REDUCE THE RATE OF GROWTH by $85 billion over the next TEN YEARS!

That’s not what we sent them to Washington to do. We sent them there to REDUCE THE RATE OF GROWTH to LESS THAN the annual inflation rate. To achieve that, they need to “cut” federal spending plans by 15 times $85 billion, or $1.2+ trillion.

Obama claims that across-the-board spending cuts — his idea in the first place — will cripple the country because it takes away spending flexibility. That’s pure unadulterated HORSE SHIT and every politician in Washington knows it.

Each department — whether it’s Agriculture, Commerce, Defense, Justice, State, Interior, Treasury, Transportation, Veterans Affairs, Labor, DHS, HHS or whatever — will still have full flexibility to decide where to cut within their department. (And wouldn’t this be an excellent time to eliminate useless, officious departments like Energy and Education?)

Sequestration? Bring it on. It’s a tiny, miniscule step but for the first time in four years it’s in the right direction.



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"Sequestration & Obama’s Bovine Scatology"
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