‘Experts’: 47 Million On Food Stamps Need More

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EXPERTS: The current value of food stamp allotments substantially limit the flexibility and purchasing power of benefits.


A report by a panel of experts released on Thursday questioned whether the federal government’s food stamp program adequately provides for healthy diets for the more than 47 million low-income people who rely on the benefit.

The report by the National Academy of Sciences found that the aid for families to pay for groceries, officially called the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, or SNAP, does not account for many barriers to finding affordable, nutritious food by inner-city shoppers.

Panelists for the academy, an independent group of scientists who advise the federal government, also said benefits lag behind the increasing cost of food and the program penalizes beneficiaries with jobs.

The U.S. Agriculture Department, which administers the aid program, sought the report to help it determine the best way to assess whether food stamps benefits are adequate for recipients to have access to a healthy diet.


Apparently the report fails to mention the amount of food stamp value spent on soda pop, candy, potato chips, beer, wine, paper towels, toilet tissue, household cleaning products and other non-nutritional items. Hell, they don’t have to do a study to figure it out. To personally witness the waste, they could just go to the super market and wait on line behind a food stamp recipient. AND, what about a ‘study’ to see how many food stamp dollars are traded for drugs!



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"‘Experts’: 47 Million On Food Stamps Need More"
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