A Leftist Version of Free Speech

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Aaron Swartz co-authored the RSS 1.0 spec. at age 14 and founded Infogami which later merged with Reddit. In 2010, he founded DemandProgress.org, a “campaign against the Internet censorship bills SOPA/PIPA.”

Aaron H. Swartz was a computer geek, the kind of youngster that the media like to describe as “brilliant” even though most computer geeks are no smarter than talented song writers, gifted poets or housewives that have the aptitude (a knack) for running an orderly and efficient home. Patterico has been posting on Swartz’s death (suicide) of January 11, 2013, and presents a far more realistic view of the misguided young man’s twisted brain than you’ll find anywhere in the Corrupt Media.


It’s clear he was devoted to free speech — but a young man’s rather twisted and leftist version of free speech, in which participation in denial of service attacks is seen as “speech” rather than an attempt to silence speech. That’s consistent with what they teach at the schools, where shouting down a speaker is seen as an exercise of one’s rights rather than the denial of others’ rights to speak and be heard.

These disagreements aside, it’s a shame that he decided to take his own life.




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"A Leftist Version of Free Speech"
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