Obama Supports Lawsuits Against U.S. Companies For Conduct of Foreign Governments

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The U.S. government has warned about serious foreign policy concerns over the broad application of the Alien Tort Statute but now the Obama administration is on the side of the Ogonis (Nigerians) against Shell oil that has already paid out $15.5 million.

Fox News:

Corporations and human rights groups are squaring off in a Supreme Court fight over whether foreign victims of war crimes, killings and other atrocities can haul multinational companies into American courts and try to prove they were complicit in the abuses and should pay damages.

The rights groups say a 223-year-old law gives foreigners such as Nigerian-born Charles Wiwa the right to try to hold businesses accountable for the roles they play in atrocities. Energy and mining companies have been among the most frequent targets of these lawsuits in recent years following efforts by the military in Indonesia, Nigeria and elsewhere to clamp down on protests against oil and gas exploration and development.

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"Obama Supports Lawsuits Against U.S. Companies For Conduct of Foreign Governments"
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