The Un-Americanism Of American Universities

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Its a safe bet that you thought U.S. professors and other university officials appearing before Congress to testify and effect public policy for international trade, off-shore drilling, global warming, single-payer health care, air/ water pollution, border control, immigration quotas, the World Bank, the International Monetary Fund, national defense, U.S. energy policy, etc., etc., were delivering their knowledge and experience.

Guess what. That would be dead wrong as Clarice Feldman points out at Pajamas Media:

When educators who are identified as professors from prestigious universities testify before Congress, write op-eds, and appear on public or media sponsored panels, most readers and listeners value their words more than those of others less credentialed. Perhaps this is especially the case when the subject is foreign affairs, which — without warrant — is generally treated as an arcane subject requiring considerable specialized study to fully comprehend.


Over the past 10 years, gifts from and contracts with governments, companies, and individuals [in the Middle East] have amounted to more than $600 million.

How much of this is known to alumni and students is unclear. If you recall, the videos of the NPR fundraisers (both former university fundraisers) and the make-believe Arabs revealed that they were very willing to do what they could to keep the proposed gift anonymous. They said they had done this before, and even mentioned an $80 million dollar gift — apparently from a domestic giver with a feminist bent — to a number of universities which had successfully been kept under wraps by all the schools concerned. I suspect that a great deal of the foreign funding, though reported as the law requires to the federal government, may not be fully known in university communities.

Notice how the reference, “though reported as the law requires to the federal government,” sounds so reassuring but the article reveals that bad guys from anywhere in the world can make deals to send money to professors and/or universities in chunks of $249,000 without telling anybody about it.

Here’s an example of a piece by a strong anti-Israel, pro-Arab whore who was paid by Gaddafi to polish his image.

Another whore, Benjamin R. Barber, then a “senior fellow at Demos (a New York-based think tank focused on the theory and practice of democracy) and now at Rutgers” wrote:

Written off not long ago as an implacable despot, Gaddafi is a complex and adaptive thinker as well as an efficient, if laid-back, autocrat. Unlike almost any other Arab ruler, he has exhibited an extraordinary capacity to rethink his country’s role in a changed and changing world.

What can be done about the insidious problem? Feldman has some suggestions (although I think it’ll take action from Congress):

Aside from monitoring what information is made public, is there anything else that can be done? I think a first step would be for universities to adopt a code of conduct, requiring professors who speak publicly before Congress, in the media, and before public audiences to disclose any foreign funding of which they are the recipients. This hardly seems to be asking a great deal. I believe it is a policy in ordinary use respecting scientific research — I can’t see why this policy merits objection from academia. Increasingly the public is used to and demanding transparency in all our institutions — why should universities and those who run them and work there be exempt? They have a unique ability to shape public opinion, and with that comes a special obligation to be candid about who’s footing the bills.

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"The Un-Americanism Of American Universities"
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